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February 11 at 2:36 PM ·
Many people go through life looking for the perfect horse. Most times they never find their perfect horse. And why would that be?
The human is expecting to find a horse that will conform to their program, their way of going, their level of expertise. Truth is that many of the people who go through horse after horse trying to find the perfect horse have already had a couple of them.
Buck Brannaman said once that the horse did not choose us to be their owner, we chose them. That if the horse had done the choosing they would have chosen a horseman. Someone with whom he could enjoy his life. Not someone like us.
The point being that the human expects the horse to conform to our program when we should consider that we might need to conform to his.
If the human would consider where the horse is in his mind and body and compare that with where the human wants him to be, then the human would see how much the human needs to adapt to the horse. They would see that with a little help from the horse and some effort on their part then there would be a great partnership.
But, our ego gets in our way. We can’t admit that we don’t have the skill set to help the horse become their best. It must be a problem with the horse because we are the smart one. No, we are not. We just happen to be the one with the ego. And that ego will not let us admit that we don’t know as much as the horse.
The problem often revolves around the fact that the human will not change their program to fit the horse. Heck, we have all the DVDs, the books, and we have watched hours of TV clinicians. That stupid horse hasn’t done any of that. How can they be smarter than us?
Because the horse has a PhD in horse. The horse knows more about being a horse than we ever will. But, he is also very willing to allow us to learn from him and readily accepts our inadequacies with stoic acquiescence.
We need to understand that we can turn any horse into our perfect horse if we allow the horse to show us what he needs from us to be their perfect human. We have to be humble enough to admit we don’t know it all. We have to be smart enough to ask for help.
After many years of working with horses and showing horses at the highest level, Ray Hunt had a problem with a horse he was riding. He talked to Tom Dorrance and found he did not know it all and with Mr. Dorrance’s help he became one of the best horsemen to ever live. If Ray Hunt had to get help, anybody reading this sure could use some help.
Think about your responsibility to the horse.